Bass Bug Basics by John Likakis. Paperback.  List Price $12.95


Tie deer-hair bugs without superhuman skills, expensive tools, or exotic materials. Easy-to-follow instructions & step-by-step photos; easily progress from the Powder Puff (the most basic of bass bugs) to such advanced patterns as the Floundering Pinfish. 175 B&W photos; 8x10 inches, 96 pgs.




Blue Ribbon Trout Streams – Ozarks by Danny Hicks.  Paperback.  List Price $19.95


Trout grow big in the Ozarks. Even small streams contain food sufficient to grow and sustain 20-inch trout. The largest tailwater trout rivers hold rainbows of nearly 20 pounds, and brown trout of world-record size. This latest addition to the "Blue-Ribbon" series covers all the Ozarks year round, concentrating on the tailwaters and largest spring-fed rivers. With spectaular photography and informative text, Hicks explores this charming, trout filled region. All color, 8.5x11 inches.




Colorado’s Best Fishing Waters.  Paperback.  List Price $29.95


Now includes GPS coordinates, basic facts and information about each river, such as fish species, best times to fish, and nearby attractions. Detailed maps include river miles, public access areas, boat launches and more. Layflat Binding, full-color; 8.5x11 inches, 224 pgs.




Flies for Bass & Panfish by Dick Stewart and Farrow Allen.  Paperback.  List Price $19.95


This book contains two hundred and forty popular and effective fly patterns for fishing everywhere in North America and is far and away the most comprehensive guide to the bass and panfish flies currently being used on North American waters. Many experienced fly fishermen and guides from all parts of the United States have contributed to this large, contemporary reference.  Large, bright photographs depict each fly individually, and they are accompanied by a complete and accurate description of the fly’s components, making this an indispensable guide for fly tyers interested in constructing their own flies.  Color photos; 8.5x11 inches, 96 pgs.




Fly Fishing Colorado’s Front Range by Todd Hosman.  Paperback.  List Price $21.95


You'll find some of America's best trout fishing near Colorado's largest cities. More than 55 great places to fly fish, most of them a short drive from Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins & Colorado Springs, with accurate maps and directions. Includes extensive aquatic entomology – specific to the Front Range and detailed hatch charts and regional fly patterns.  B&W illus, photos, maps; 5.5x8.5 inches, 228 pgs.




Fly Fishing Techniques & Tactics by Lefty Kreh.  Paperback.  List Price $17.95


A collection of the master's tricks on how to catch any fish, anywhere! Lefty gives sound, practical, & effective info that anglers can use on their very next fishing trip, no matter where they’re going or what species of fish they’ll be fishing to. Priceless for anglers of any experience. B&W line drawings & photos, color photos; 5x7.5 inches, 176 pgs.




The Fly Tier’s Benchside Reference to Techniques and Dressing Styles by Ted Leeson & Jim Schollmeyer, Hardback w/Dust Jacket.  List Price $100.00


Features over 3,000 color photo and over 400,000 words describing and showing, step-by-step, hundreds of fly-tying techniques! Leeson and Schollmeyer have collaborated to produce this masterful volume which will be the standard fly-tying reference book for the entire trout-fishing world. Through enormous effort on their part they bring to all who love flies and fly fishing a wonderful compendium of fly-tying knowledge. 3,000+ Color photos, indexed, dust jacket; 8.5x11 inches, 464 pgs.




Fool’s Paradise by John Gierach.  Hardback w/Dust Jacket.  Autographed.  List Price $24.00


A lyrical, surprising book of observations on fishing, nature, travel & life. Includes great fish tales, lots of witty observations, criticisms of all that's wrong with the world today (everything that isn't fishing & even some things that are). Gierach weighs in on subjects as varied as cellphones & airports, pick-up trucks & secret streams. B&W illus t/out; 5.5x8.5 inches, 224 pgs.




Nymph Fishing by Dave Hughes.  Paperback.  List Price 19.95


This all-color book emphasizes what you need to know to fish nymphs effectively. The techniques and methods covered will guarantee that your nymph imitation will be fishing right! Includes patterns & dressings of the author's best flies. 8.5x11 inches, 56 pages.




The Orvis Guide to Prospecting for Trout by Tom Rosenbauer.  Paperback.  List Price $22.95


Written for both the novice and the seasoned angler, this book explores how trout live and feed, and how to make them strike. There is expert advice on how to fish with dry flies, wet flies, nymphs, and streamers—supported by many detailed illustrations and photographs. This is the guide no trout fisherman should be without.  B&W illus, photos; 6x9 inches, 288 pgs.




Plank Cooking, The Essence of Natural Wood by Scott and Tiffany Haugen.  Spiral Bound.  List Price $19.95


100 easy-to-follow recipes. From elegant restaurants to backyard grills, the ancient method of cooking food on a wooden plank is a style that's rapidly growing in popularity. Capture the essence of natural wood & unparalleled texture in meats, vegetables, & other culinary delights. All color; 6x9 inches, 152 pgs.




Production Fly Tying by A.K. Best.  Paperback.  List Price $39.95


Make fly tying easier & more efficient with this eagerly awaited for second edition. Fly-tying authority & veteran A.K. Best reveals concise & comprehensive instructions gleaned from thousands of hours behind the vise. This expanded edition to tying techniques, tool, & materials includes: superb photos, tried-&-true, time-saving tips, & chapters organized by tails, ribbing, bodies, wings, & hackles. 299 color photos; 10x9 inches, 160 pgs.




Saltwater Flies:  Over 700 of the Best by Deke Meyer.  Paperback.  List Price $27.95


Over 700 of the world's best saltwater fly patterns are shown in beautiful color by photographer Jim Schollmeyer. All patterns come with full tying recipes and much explanatory text. A great resource of saltwater patterns. 8x11 inches, 120 pgs.




Saltwater Fly Fishing by Jack Samson.  Hardback w/Dust Jacket. 

List Price $27.95


This record-holding expert covers flats and deep-sea fly fishing for a wide variety of saltwater species. 16 pgs of color, 65 B&W photos, 40 drawings; 6x9 inches, 224 pgs.




Seasons of the Trout by Neale Streeks.  Hardback.  List Price$29.95


Provides a clear introduction to three key aspects of the sport: insect hatches, stream conditions, and trout behavior. By breaking the angling year into it's five respective seasons mountain spring, early summer, high summer, autumn, and winter, Streeks helps make this critical information accessible, meaningful and applicable for newcomers to the sport. 29 color photos, 85 B&W photos; 6x9 inches, 224 pgs.




Smallmouth Fly Fishing:  The Best Techniques, Flies and Destinations by Tim Holschlag.  AUTOGRAPHED.  List Price $29.95


After a decade of explosive growth in popularity, smallies are now regarded as premier sportfish by fly fishers. This is the book that thoroughly & clearly covers all aspects of the exciting sport of smallmouth on the fly.  Holschlag brings a great depth of knowledge to this large book. The book is divided into 3 sections: Techniques, Flies, and Destinations. The techniques chapters thoroughly cover both stream & lake fishing. The flies section covers 40 top patterns (including the Hi-Tail Craw, Spider Fly, and Micro Popper), plus scientifically based fly design concepts. The large destination section describes 100 prime smallmouth destinations across North America. Nearly 200 illustrations & photos, many in color; 7x11 inches, 326 pgs.




Tying Trout Flies by C. Boyd Pfeiffer.  Spiral Softcover.  List Price $24.95


All skill levels can easily make these 100 popular & effective trout flies. Fly-tying procedures are well illus, providing a sound base for the projects listed. Text includes lists of all materials & step-by-step instructions. Patterns for dry flies, wet flies, nymphs, & streamers. 150 color photos; 8x11 inches, 160 pgs.




Tube Flies, A Tying, Fishing & Historical Guide by Mark Mandell & Les Johnson.  Paperback.  List Price $29.95


Tube flies can be used for everything from stream trout and steelhead to billfish. The rich vein of the tube fly history, innovation and tying/angling personalities will amaze you! 8x11 inches, 96 pages.




Tying Bass Flies 12, of the Best by Deke Meyer.  Paperback.  List Price $9.95


80 crisp, step-by-step photos show you how to tie 12 of the very best bass flies that will produce. Full-color; 8x11 inches, 32 pgs.




Tying & Fishing Soft Hackled Nymphs by Allen McGee.  Paperback.  List Price $24.95


Trout often prefer underwater aquatic insects because they're more vulnerable than surface stages and are more abundant as well. Fly-fishers know the importance of imitating the specific life stage that trout are feeding on, however most current flies only imitate size, shape, and color of the natural insect. Soft-hackled nymphs also imitate movement and behavior.

Tying & Fishing Soft-Hackled Nymphs explains how to imitate sub-surface aquatic insects using both traditional and modern soft-hackled nymphs and flymphs along with the most effective presentation techniques. By exploring effective thread and translucent fur body material combinations, as well as game-bird hackle collars, these flies take on life-like properties. These patterns can be fished throughout the water column from the stream bottom--to imitate immature nymphal forms--to the surface mimicking transitional emergers. Drawing on both traditional and evolved patterns and methods, these wingless wet flies will take you beyond for mulaic fishing techniques to unlimited presentation possibilities and will help you catch more trout.




Tying Saltwater Flies, 12 of the Best by Deke Meyer.  Paperback.  List Price $9.95


Full-color photos showing how to tie the 12 most productive fly patterns for saltwater. Methods for tying these patterns can then be used for most other saltwater patterns. 8x11 inches, 32 pgs.




Tying Steelhead Flies, 12 of the Best by Deke Meyer.  Paperback.  List Price $9.95


Full-color photos showing how to tie the 12 most productive fly patterns for saltwater. Methods for tying these patterns can then be used for most other saltwater patterns. Full color; 8.5x11 inches, 36 pgs.




Tying Trout Flies, 12 of the Best by Deke Meyer.  Paperback.  List Price $9.95


Features 97 full-color photographs showing how to tie the 12 most productive fly patterns for trout. The methods for tying these patterns can then be used for most other fly patterns. A great book to bundle kits! All-color; 8x11 inches, 32 pgs.